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AAV Service

Supplier: Creative Biogene
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Creative Biogene possesses the world-class production facility and manufacture rAAV vectors with the highest possible stringency, resulting in an extremely pure, high quality product every time. Creative Biogene offers the latest generation rAAV stocks optimised for high levels of transgene expression and you can get reliable, reproducible, high purity, high titer vector stocks every time you order. With the latest innovations in rAAV technology, Creative Biogene can apply rAAV virus with the highest standard (>95% purity). When you order the service of Creative Biogene, you are buying top quality products for your research. In recent years, AAV has become increasingly valuable for in vivo studies in animals, and are also currently being tested in human clinical trials. Unlike adenovirus, AAV has its own advantages. Firstly, it is non-pathogenic (most people carry this harmless virus) and does not stimulate inflammation in the host; Also, it elicits little or no immune response; Lastly, AAV viruses can infect non-dividing (quiescent) cells, such as neurons, and remain expression in their genomes for a long time, so clinical trials have been initiated where AAV vectors are used to deliver genes to the brain. More information, please visit the website: http://www.creative-biogene.com/Services/Custom-Viral-Service/AAV-service.html

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