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Bile Acids Total Kit 60ml

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Obstetric Cholestasis is the most common liver disease during pregnancy and is linked to foetal distress, premature labour and still birth. Raised levels of Bile Acids in pregnancy are indicative of obstetric cholestasis and increased bile acidsin fasting or postprandial state is considered a specific indicator of liver disease.

Decreases in bile acids can also be ofclinical interest and are associated with bile acid malabsorption. These ready-to-use liquid reagents can be used to measure Bile Acids in serum or EDTA plasma with a measuring range of 1-180umol/L. 3-alpha-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase (3-alpha-HSD) oxidizes bile acids to 3-keto steroids, whereby Thio-NAD is reduced to Thio-NADH. The reaction is reversible, and the same enzyme can convert 3-keto steroids and NADH to bile acids andNAD (recycling of bile acids).

The rate of formation for Thio-NADH is determined by measuring the change of absorbance at 405nm. Bile Acids reagents have an open vial stability of 30 days when stored tightly capped at 2-8C. Use with 903210, Bile Acids Standards and Diacon Controls (D98481SV Diacon N, D98482SV Diacon P).

Suitable for use in manual or automated methods - applications for a range of analysers are available - please enquire.

Additional info: Dialab Bile Acids assay kit. Bile acid recycling method. Liquid chemistry reagent for measuring total bile acids TBA in serum and plasma.

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