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CNV Analysis Service

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CD Genomics provides a number of options for those looking to perform copy number variation (CNV) analysis on several different microarray platforms depending on the organism, starting material and size of your project. Agilent aCGH Technology Agilent's oligonucleotide aCGH platform offers genome-wide as well as customized profiling on 60-mer oligo CGH microarrays for human, mouse and rat. Agilent's CGH end-to-end solution consists of flexible microarray formats, optimized and easy-to-use protocol, high resolution microarray scanning and powerful analytics software. Features: High-resolution Supports a variety of formats, probes, and species Custom arrays with user-defined content Commercial arrays with standard content Genome-wide studies Focused-content studies SNP Arrays Both Affymetrix and Illumina offer solutions for CNV analysis using SNP arrays. CD Genomics provides wet lab and data analysis services for each platform. Features: Analyze SNP and CNV data across millions of markers Estimate Log R ratio and B-allele frequency for copy number analysis Call genotypes, normalize and cluster data, and generate SNP statistics Export genotype data to various third party applications; access multiple CNV algorithms and CNV analysis tools Generate a chromosomal heat map for examining copy number aberrations across the entire genome for multiple samples Your Benefits Free advice on experimental design Peace of mind of using a laboratory with extensive experience of running small, medium and large-scale projects Excellent data quality Lowest costs
Catalogue number: 134

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