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Gravity flow Strep-Tactin Superflow high cap. col.

Gravity flow Strep-Tactin Superflow high cap. col.

Cat no: 2-1209-001

Supplier: IBA GmbH
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Gravity flowStrep-Tactin(R) Superflow(R) high capacity column for one-step purification of recombinant Strep-tag(R) proteins. The Strep-Tactin(R) Superflow(R) high capacity resin provides 2 to 3 times higher binding capacity for Strep-tag(R) proteins than standard Strep-Tactin(R) Superflow(R), and therefore, higher yields of highly pure Strep-tag(R) protein. Binding capacity: 1 ml sedimented resin (corresponding to 2 ml of a 50 % suspension) can be used for the one-step purification of 150 to 500 nmol or 3 -15 mg recombinant protein. Quantity discount: Discount for 5 or more pieces: only EUR 84,00/pc
Catalogue number: 2-1209-001
Research area: The (Twin-) Strep-tag(R)/Strep-Tactin(R) protein purification system provides the reliable one-step purification of highly pure proteins suitable for any application, including: Structural and functional investigations Crystallization for determination of 3D structure Due to the mild conditions Strep-tag(R) II recombinant proteins can also be used for: Assays involving protein-protein and protein-DNA interactions Investigating ligand-receptor interactions under physiological conditions Separating living cells for re-culturing purposes
Additional info: Related products: WET FRED For 1ml Gravitiy flow columns Strep-Tactin(R) coated microplate Accessories: D-Desthiobiotin 10x Buffer E Strep-tag(R) regeneration buffer with HABA 10x BufferR Strep-tag(R) washing buffer 10 x Buffer W
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