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MagStrep "type3" XT beads

MagStrep "type3" XT beads

Cat no: 2-4090-002

Supplier: IBA GmbH
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MagStrep "type3" XT Beads (Strep-Tactin XT coated magnetic beads, 5 % (v/v) suspension) The beads have a high binding capacity combined with very low non-specific protein binding. Elution can therefore also be performed by boiling in denaturing SDS gel loading buffer instead of using biotin if the isolated protein does not need to be functional. For native elution a specific elution buffer is required, bufferBX - biotin elution buffer (2-1040-050). This buffer has a higher biotin concentration then our previous buffer BE (2-1019-025) and enables a more efficient elution. In our introductory trial phase the MagStrep"type3" XT beads and buffer BX are offered with a discount of 30% (Note, that the price shown in thw web shop is the already discounted price). Satisfied customers will get an additional vial of 2ml magnetic beads for free if they share their data with us. Unsatisfied customers will get their money back. Quantity discount: Discount for 3 or more pieces: only EUR 159,90/pc
Catalogue number: 2-4090-002
Research area: The (Twin-) Strep-tag(R)/Strep-Tactin(R) protein purification system provides the reliable one-step purification of highly pure proteins suitable for any application, including: Structural and functional investigations Crystallization for determination of 3D structure Due to the mild conditions Strep-tag(R) II recombinant proteins can also be used for: Assays involving protein-protein and protein-DNA interactions Investigating ligand-receptor interactions under physiological conditions Separating living cells for re-culturing purposes
Additional info: Related products: Buffer BX; Biotin Elution Buffer; 5 x concentrated Magnetic Separator
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