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RealQ Plus 2x Master Mix for Probe without ROX 4000R

Cat no: BE313406

Supplier: B-Bridge International, Inc.
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Quantitative PCR has become an important tool for SNP and gene expression analysis. Several different fluorescent chemistries exist for either detection of SNP or quantitative gene transcripts. B-Bridge offers Real Q-PCR Master Mix, a single-tube 2X reagent ideal for most Quantitative PCR applications. The Real Q-PCR kit has been designed for optimal performance on most of the commonly used Real time PCR instruments. The Real Q-PCR kits includes the components necessary for performing DNA amplification, and have been successfully used to amplify and detect a variety of DNA targets such as genomic DNA, cDNA and plasmid DNA. The Real Q-PCR master mix includes the HS DNA polymerase, a modified Taq DNA polymerase with hot start capabilities. The HS enzyme improves the PCR amplification reaction by decreasing background from non-specific amplification and increases amplification of desired products.
Catalogue number: BE313406
Size: 4000Rxn

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