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RealQ Plus 2x Master Mix Green without ROX 4000R

Cat no: BE323406

Supplier: B-Bridge International, Inc.
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Quantitative PCR has become an important tool for SNP and gene expression analysis. Several different fluorescent chemistries exist for either detection of SNP or quantitative gene transcripts. B-Bridge offers the Real Q-PCR Master Mix, a single-tube 2X reagent ideal for most Quantitative PCR applications. The Real Q-PCR kit has been designed for optimal performance on most of the commonly used Real time PCR instruments. The Real Q-PCR kits includes the components necessary for performing DNA amplification, and have been successfully used to amplify and detect a variety of DNA targets such as genomic DNA, cDNA and plasmid DNA. The Real Q-PCR master mix includes the HS DNA polymerase, a modified Taq DNA polymerase with hot start capabilities. The HS enzyme improves the PCR amplification reaction by decreasing background from non-specific amplification and increases amplification of desired products. A green fluorescent dye is free in the solution emitting a very low level of fluorescent signal. Upon binding to double stranded DNA, the fluorescent signal increase significantly this makes the fluorescent signal of the dye proportional to the amount of amplified DNA.
Catalogue number: BE323406
Size: 4000Rxn

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