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Translational Science Solution

Translational Science Solution

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Supplier: RURO Inc.
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RURO’s Translational Science Informatics Solution (RURO TSI) is a single system to manage processes, beginning with patient registration and ending with diagnosis and treatment.

RURO TSI facilitates this process by connecting data and users in appropriate ways, encouraging and supporting collaboration with modern e-communication tools, and protecting sensitive patient data with FISMA supporting security features and expansive options. RURO TSI is Limfinity(r) based.
Catalogue number: N/A
P type: Software
Method: Creating a beneficial view of all organization data and structures workflows without creating a complicated user experience.
Research area: BioTechnology
Process Management
Data Handling/Management
Additional info: RURO’s TSSI:
Granular permission controls, protecting access to sensitive data.
Centralization of patient data, reducing redundant data entry and errors.
Centralization of results from lab tests, scientific research, and clinical input serving as a shared foundation for discussion and collaboration.
Integrated solution components enabling communication in a common language across diverse disciplines
Integrated productivity tools such as chat, “To Do” lists, comments, and notifications enabling ready communication among all team members and a complete communication archive within the patient record
Real-time dashboard reports facilitating laboratory management and identifying bottlenecks.
Co-development with client institutions - painless user adoption!
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