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Twin Guard -860C Ultra Low Freezer - VIDEO
Panasonic Healthcare Company

Give your samples the ultimate protection of patented Twin Guard® Technology - two independent systems can individually sustain ultra-low temperature in the event of a failure, so you can rest easy knowing that your valuable work is in good hands.  
AB SCIEX 6500 Series - VIDEO

See what couldn’t be seen. Until now. The new AB SCIEX 6500 LC/MS/MS series with multi-component IonDrive™ technology is the world’s most sensitive triple quadrupole, improving sensitivity up to 10X and detector dynamic range by 20X over the best selling high performance triple quad – with no compromise in mass range.   Unique QTRAP® linear in trap technology and optional SelexION™ differential ion mobility technology help enhance...
Lasergene Genomics Suite - VIDEO

DNASTAR's Lasergene Genomics Suite provides all of the software you need for next-gen sequence assembly and analysis in a single, integrated package.We support all major next-gen and third-gen sequencing technologies, making it simple to work with your data for any type of project, including de novo or reference-guided genome assemblies, targeted resequencing, metagenome and population assemblies, large-scale multi-sample SNP analysis, RNA-Seq, ChIP-Seq, and miRNA...
Lasergene Core Suite - VIDEO

DNASTAR's Lasergene Core Suite has been the gold standard in DNA and protein sequence analysis software for over 25 years.Lasergene Core Suite is comprised of ten integrated applications supporting a wide range of functions including:• Sequence editing and annotation• Automated virtual cloning• Primer design• Contig assembly and analysis• Comprehensive SNP detection and analysis• Multiple and pairwise sequence alignment of DNA and...
ELGA LabWater

The ELGA PURELAB flex delivers ultrapure water direct from tap water: saves money no need for feed system, absolute water purity of up to 18.2MΩ-cm, ergonomic dispense handset is easy to use and shows water purity at a glance, a unique choice of dispense options, perfect for all your analytical and life-science applications.
mosquito Crystal - VIDEO
TTP LabTech

TTP LabTech’s mosquito® Crystal is a compact nanolitre pipettor for automating sitting drop, hanging drop and microbatch screening set up, without instrument configuration change.It aspirates and dispenses nanolitre volumes (25 – 1.200 nL), saving valuable protein sample hence increasing the potential range of screening conditions.It’s extremely accurate drop positioning and dispense volume ensures reproducible results while disposable, positive...
MultiFlo Microplate Dispenser - VIDEO
BioTek® Instruments, Inc.

MicroFlo™ Select is the latest development in dispensing technology offering superior microplate dispensing flexibility in one compact instrument. In fact, BioTek's new MultiFlo™ Microplate Dispenser is the latest advancement in bulk dispensers offering up to four reagents dispensed in parallel with one compact instrument.The MultiFlo offers a choice of either peristaltic pump or microprocessor controlled syringe drive technologies. Users can purchase one...
EL406 Combination Washer Dispenser - VIDEO
BioTek® Instruments, Inc.

The EL406 Combination Washer Dispenser offers fast, full plate washing along with three reagent dispensers in one, compact instrument…all from the recognized industry leader.The EL406 is the latest advancement in 1536-, 384- and 96-well microplate washing and dispensing incorporating BioTek’s patented Dual-Action™ manifold, optimized washing for loosely adherent cell monolayers, built-in patent-pending Ultrasonic Advantage™ for unattended wash...
Epoch Multi-Volume Spectrophotometer System - VIDEO
BioTek® Instruments, Inc.

Epoch™ Microplate Spectrophotometer is coupled with an innovative device like the new Take3™ Multi-Volume Plate, the result is a system that’s designed to allow the scientist to run a variety of assays, in a variety of sample vessels, and volume ranges.As a system, Epoch and Take3 are ready to take on the challenges of today’s researchers. All of these challenges and more are addressed with the Epoch Multi-Volume Spectrophotometer system...at a...
Synergy H1 Hybrid Multi-Mode Microplate Reader - VIDEO
BioTek® Instruments, Inc.

Synergy™ H1 is a flexible monochromator-based multi-mode microplate reader that can be turned into a high-performance hybrid system with the addition of a filter-based optical module.The monochromator optics uses a third generation quadruple grating design that allows working at any excitation or emission wavelength with a 1 nm step. This system supports top and bottom fluorescence intensity, UV-visible absorbance and high performance luminescence detection.It is the...
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