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Nuclear Apoptosis Assay Cell Line

Cat no: P30601

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A SH-SY5Y/TagRFP-LaminB1 cell line and a U2OS/TagRFP-LaminB1 cell lines has been developed through stable transfection for monitoring the cellular apoptosis level through nuclear lamin morphological changes in cell-based assaysEach vial of LMNB1 Apoptosis Assay Cell Line contains more than 3 million cells stably expressing human lamin B1 (LMNB1) tagged in the N-terminus with TagRFP.Assay Details:To measure the apoptosis levels, cell with TagRFP-LaminB1 were stimulated with staurosporine. In non-apoptotic cells TagRFP appears localized in nuclear envelope but after treatment, activated caspase family proteases cleave lamin, resulting in the loss of its structure and detachment from chromatine. Tagged lamin appears disassembled and forms round aggregates.The assay was developed and optimized using the BD Pathway HCS Reader and Attovision Compartimentalization Software. The parameters analyzed in order to check the apoptosis degree are eccentricity and perimeter of the nucleus. The parameters to be analyze in order to check the apoptosis degree are the nuclear eccentricity and the nuclear perimeter. This assay has been validated based on the first parameter with an average of ZA^
Catalogue number: P30601
Size: 3 x 10^6 cells

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