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V2a Kit - Vasculogenesis to Angiogenesis

Cat no: ZHA-4000

Supplier: B-Bridge International, Inc.
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An in vitro human primary cell co-culture model of angiogenesis that includes all the phases of the angiogenic process. Tubules formed contain a lumen and resemble the morphology and range of capillary lengths found in microvascular beds in vivo. Benefits: Analyze the growth pathway from vasculogenesis to angiogenesis (including: cell activation, cell proliferation, migration, elongation and anastomosis), add test compounds, media or tissue explants at any point in the pathway - from the onset of vasculogenesis continuing through to advanced angiogenesis, and intervene in the cellular growth process at any stage. Kit includes: +/- controls, media, supplements, staining components, and plate. Frozen cells: perform assay at your convenience. Large batches of cells in stock: minimal batch to batch variation. Tubule growth is quantifiable using AngioSys 2.0 Software
Catalogue number: ZHA-4000
Size: 1 kit

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