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20% discount on your first GlycINATOR™ order

Cat no: A0-GL1-020

Supplier: Genovis AB
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Genovis introduces GlycINATOR™

• Works on most IgGs
• Effective on high-mannose and bisected N-linked Fc-glycans
• Rapid – 30-minute digestion protocol
• Easy to use – no optimization needed
• Can be combined with IgGZERO™ and FabRICATOR® digestion

GlycINATOR is the new addition to Genovis’ portfolio of smart enzymes. This enzyme, an endoglycosidase (EndoS2) from Streptococcus pyogenes, hydrolyzes the N-glycan structure. The enzyme can be an effective tool by minimizing side effects in various immunoassays caused by complement binding or cross-reactivity. Rapid and mild reaction conditions ensure minimized risk for sample prep-induced modifications.

GlycINATOR can be used in combination with IgGZERO™ and FabRICATOR®, which makes it possible to rapidly quantify high-mannose N-linked Fc glycans on monoclonal antibodies. Download poster from Genovis website.

GlycINATOR is shipped as a lyophilized preparation that is reconstituted with water before use.

Samples to test GlycINATOR™

We offer a 20% discount on your first GlycINATOR™ order, placed directly with Genovis. Just enter discount code 5054.

Product information:

• Product ID: A0-GL1-020
• Description: GlycINATOR™ 2,000 units lyophilized. For deglycosylation of 2 mg IgG.
• Price/USD 540
• Price/Euro 390
• Price/GBP 335
Catalogue number: A0-GL1-020

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